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Vermilion has a culinary mix of Indian, Thai, Korean and Chinese cuisine alongside smoking, theatrical cocktails that complement the opulent surroundings and steal the show at every turn.


Experience the exhilarating journey of Vermilion's distinctive flavour, a fusion of adventurous spirit and artistic ingenuity that imbues every dish with creativity

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Mango Avocado Pani Puri

(G, M) £6.90

A light and crispy fried puffed ball, filled with mango, avocado and served with a spiced sauce. The perfect dish to start any meal. 4 pieces.

Tom Yam Khoong

(C, M, SE, F, G) £8.95

Authentic spicy and sour soup with King Prawns and Thai herbs: lemongrass, galangal, mushroom and kaffir lime. Very spicy [Vegetarian option also available]

Dragon Roll Torpedo Sushi Maki

(C, M, SE, F, G) £10.50

The roll is wrapped in seasoned Japanese rice with chilli paste and sesame. Filled with crispy prawn tempura, buttery avocado, sweet radish pickle and topped with tobiko fish roe. 4 pieces

Raj Kachori

(G) £10.50

Crispy deep fried kachori filled with potatoes, moong dal, yogurt, spices and chutneys! Topped with cilantro, sev, pomegranate this is the ultimate indulgence!

Main Course

Yellow Curry Khoong

(C, M, SE, F, G) £17.50

A sweet Thai curry with an array of vegetables, coconut milk and Thai herbs. Ideal for those not into spice but want the experience of authentic Thai. Served with steam jasmine rice [Chicken and Vegetarian options are also available]

Pad Kra Pao Gai

(C, M, SE, F, G) £13.00

A spicy famous wok fried street food dish, with Thai basil onions, green beans served with a crispy fried egg with a slightly runny yolk. Served with steamed jasmine rice [Prawn option also available]

Sea Bass Meen Molie Curry

(MU, F) £17.00

A traditional spiced and stewed coconut sea bass fish curry from South India, an explosion of colour and flavour.

Rajastani Lal Maas

(MU) £21.50

Rajasthani originated, smoked lamb curry, cooked with yoghurt, Kashmiri chilli, clove and cardamom


Exotic Ice Cream

(M) £3.00 per scoop

Flavours: Bubble Tea Brown Sugar with Mochi | Green Matcha Tea | Taro | Thai Milk Tea

★ Thai Royal Leaf Wrap (Mieng Khum)

(C, TN) £7.55

Each wrap is filled with an array of Thai flavours - Dried shrimp, ginger, red onion, roasted coconut, chilli, lemongrass, peanut and tamarind sauce. Spice, sour, salty, and sweet all take a turn.

Artisan Flavoured Poppadoms

(MU, G) £6.80

Served with cherry ginger chutney, mint chutney and pickled onions.

Rainbow Dim Sum Dumplings

(C, TN, G) £12.50

Intricately handmade colourful floral-shaped steamed dumplings with chicken, prawn, cashew nut and coriander.

Spiced Prawn Kofta

(C, E, G, M, MU) £13.50

Crispy coated croquettes filled with King prawn mixed masala, fine bean, chilli, Thai fresh herbs and topped with turmeric tempered mayonnaise.

★ Butter Chicken Tikka Kofta

(M, E, G, MU) £12.75

Crispy panko coated croquettes filled with butter chicken and cheddar filling. Topped with turmeric tempered mayonnaise.

Korean Chicken Bao

(G, E, SE, SO, M) £12.50

Steamed bao bun with buttermilk fried chicken, sticky gochujang sauce, topped with Kewpie mayo, Sriracha sauce, sesame seeds, carrot, coriander, radish and spring onions.

Tibetan Momo Dumplings (V)

(TN, G, SO) £9.25

Crispy pastry parcels with vegetable filling tossed in tangy soy based sauce.

Thai Mango Salad

(TN) £10.45

Sweet and spicy textures. A very healthy fresh salad with fish sauce, dry chilli, tamarind and cashew nut.

California Rolls (4 pieces)

(C, TN) £17.50

Crab, avocado, tobiko, teriyaki and green curry sauce.

Prawn Torpedo (4 pieces)

(C, E, G) £18.50

Deep fried crispy prawn torpedo, avocado, tobiko, spicy mayo and Thai plaa sauce.

Avocado Maki (4 pieces)

(V, E) £12.50

Avocado, carrot, cucumber, wasabi and spicy mayo.

Chargrilled Lamb Chops

(MO, SO, C, TN) £24.50

New season lamb, spiced marinade and pistachio crust.

★ Ocean Tiger Prawn Pad Thai

(F, C, E, P) £36.50

Exclusive only to Vermilion. Giant wild caught ocean tiger prawn. Sourced by our parent company Seamark from the Bay of Bengal. Served with Sen Jan wok fried noodles tossed in a tangy tamarind sauce combined with Thai herbs and spices with sautéed beansprouts, eggs, carrots, and tofu.

Roasted Black Cod

(F, SO) £35.00

Glazed in special caramelised ginger and soy sauce, dressed with sautéed spring onion, chilli and carrot salad. Served with tender pak choi and lime.

Choo-Chee Prawn

(C, F, M, E) £24.65

Grilled prawns in spicy red curry, coconut milk and topped with kaffir lime leaves and red chilli.

Beef Green Curry with Thai Roti

(G, F, M, C) £23.50

Succulent beef slices slow cooked in Thai green curry sauce, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, Thai chillies and kaffir lime leaves. Served with sweet Thai roti.

Slow Cooked Lamb Shank Massaman Curry

(TN, C) £24.75

Vermilion’s creative take on a fusion curry from South Thailand, with coconut milk, potatoes and Thai mixed herbs.



A delicious spicy curry; cooked with sweet peppers, tomatoes and onions in a traditional karahi wok.
Choose between:
Karahi Lamb - £23.65
Karahi Chicken - £18.95
Karahi Vegetable - £16.25

30 Days Aged, Grass and Grain Fed, 300g Rib-Eye Steak

(C, E, F) £36.25

Angus & Hereford Crossbreed, cooked over charcoal briquettes and bursting with flavours. Served medium with balsamic tomato, flat mushroom and your choice of sauce. 300g.

Choose your steak sauce:
Peppercorn Sauce M
Thai Panang Sauce TN

Steak Sauce - Ong Bak Sauce

(F, SO) £2.10

Steak Sauce - Chimichurri Sauce

(F, SO) £2.10

Khao Soi

(G, C, E) £18.50

A popular dish originating from Northern Thailand. Soft tender braised chicken drumstick simmered in a rich, creamy, and spicy Thai coconut curry soup, with home-made red curry, kaffir lime and aromatics. Served with soft egg noodles and crispy fried noodles.

Drunken Noodles

(VE) £17.50

Sen Jan flat noodles tossed in aromatic soy sauce, asparagus, sweet baby corn, broccoli and Thai sweet basil.

Tom Yam Noodle Soup

(C, E, F, G, P)

A iconic healthy Tom Yum soup dish filled with savoury, hot and sour flavours packed with Thai herbs and spices. Served with soft Sen Lek noodles, beansprout, spring onion, lime and coriander.

Choose between:
Minced Chicken£19.50
Prawn £22.65

Beetroot and Walnut Raita

(M, TN) £7.85

Triple Cooked Skin on Fries, Maldon Sea Salt

(G) £5.25

Truffle and Parmesan Skinon Fries

(M, G) £7.85

Jalapeños, Coriander & Sweet Potato Chips

(M, E, G) £6.85

Korean Fried Chicken Wings

(G, SE) £12.90

Chicken Tikka Biryani

(M, E) £12.95

Slow Braised Lamb Biryani

(M) 20.95

Jasmine Rice


Basmati Rice


Sticky Rice


Egg Fried Rice

(E) £5.85

Naan Bread

(G, M) £4.75


Mix of Thai, Korean, Indian and Japanese, all served for sharing. For groups of 6 and over. 4 Starters, 3 Mains, Jasmine Rice, Egg Fried Rice and 1 Dessert.
£39.50 per person


Tibetan Momo Dumplings *

(C, P)

Rainbow Dim Sum Dumplings

(C, TN, G)

Thai Mango Salad **


Butter Chicken Tikka Kofta

(M, E, G, MU)

Butterfly King Prawn *

(C, G, E)

Spiced Prawn Kofta * £1 extra

(C, G, E, M, MU)


Chicken Green Curry **

(G, F, M, C)

Lamb Shank Massaman *

(TN, C)

Chicken Pad Thai *

(M, E, P)

Drunken Noodles ***



Biscoff Cheesecake

(M, E, G, SO)

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

(G, M, E)

Vermilion Exclusive Selection

Vermilion proudly present their Exclusive Selection; a selection of Vermilion signature classics that will capture your imagination. Vermilion bring their inventive twist on classic Asian Fusion cuisine, and a taste of the exotic to your dining experience.

Designed for groups and parties, these dishes will bring a touch of exclusivity to your party whilst you and your guests soak up the Vermilion spirit.

All dishes require payment in advance and 72 hours notices.

For groups of 6 and over.

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Roast Leg of Lamb

(MU, M) £85.00 each

Herb baby potatoes, roast vegetables and spiced curry sauce. Serves 6–8 person.

Grilled Whole Lobster

(F, SO, C, G) £55.00 each

Lemon butter sauce.

Roasted Rack of Lamb

(MU, M) £60.00

Coriander and sweet potato chips, Rogan josh curry sauce. Serves 3–4 person

Caramelised Sesame Chicken Wings

(SE, MU, M, SO) £28.00

24 pieces.

Tandoori Grilled Seafood Platter

(F, MU, M, C) £95.00

Seamark tiger prawns, king scallops, Scottish salmon, Atlantic cod and squid, seasonal salad. Serves 3–4 person.

Steamed Whole Turbot

(F, SO, G) £45.00 each

Ginger, spring onions, soy sauce

Roasted Whole Chicken

(MU, M) £45.00 each

Saffron rice, free range hen eggs, roast potatoes, spiced gravy. Serves 3–4 person.

Roast Chicken Drumsticks

(MU, M) £45.00

Seasonal Salad, mint yogurt sauce. 24 pieces.

Cinnabar Lounge

Go VIP after your dinner with a Cocoon at Cinnabar, Vermilion's exclusive cocktail lounge, accessible only to diners. The breathtaking large space of Cinnabar includes music from our resident DJ, our Mixologists, a VIP area and it’s iconic Cocoons. These VIP Booths are ideal for group parties enabling guests to recline in the utmost comfort and seclusion, while being served from our extensive wine, spirit and cocktail menu list.
£50 hire charge
VIP Area
Go VIP after your dinner with a Cocoon at Cinnabar, Vermilion's exclusive cocktail lounge, accessible only to diners. The breathtaking large space of Cinnabar includes music from our resident DJ, our Mixologists, a VIP area and it’s iconic Cocoons. These VIP Booths are ideal for group parties enabling guests to recline in the utmost comfort and seclusion, while being served from our extensive wine, spirit and cocktail menu list.
£100 hire charge
Maharaja Table
This table stands out from the rest. Enclosed within this grid partitioned room, is a beautiful, handmade circular table with its rotating centre. This stunning ornate table plays host to the finest Vermilion asian cuisine and private dining. Ideal for intimate dining. Capacity 18.
£50 hire charge

★ Homemade Biscoff Cheesecake

(M, G, E, SO) £11.25

A crunchy biscuit base, topped with a creamy Biscoff Cheesecake filling finished with caramel ganache and garnished with honeycomb pieces and a Biscoff biscuit.
A Biscoff biscuit lovers dream.

Warm Chocolate Fondant

(M, TN, P, E) £12.50

With Pandan cream served with Pistachio ice cream.

Under the Volcano

(M, TN, G, E) £12.50

Hot salted caramel poured over a melting chocolate Lava Bombe, sitting on a bed of fine cashew nut crumble. Inside lays a peanut butter ganache with creamy salted caramel ice cream treasure.

Khanom Pandan

(M, E, G, SE) £11.25

A popular traditional Thai dessert. Light silky pudding with a sweet pandan flavour. Topped with toasted sesame seeds, shredded coconut and served with sweet coconut cream.


(M, TN) £6.95

2 scoops

Salted Caramel
Honeycomb with Chocolate Swirl

Allergen Information

G Gluten
C Crustaceans
E Eggs
TN Tree Nuts
SO Soybeans
M Milk
MU Mustard
SE Sesame
P Peanuts
V Vegetarian
LP Lupin
MO Molluscs
F Fish
SU Sulphur Dioxide/Sulphites
VE Vegan
CL Celery including celeriac

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